Commercial real estate financing
– the digital way. In half the time.

Ideal for my deal.

From the financing application to comprehensive deal management for lenders and borrowers. Seamless collaboration, both internally and externally – everything clearly and efficiently structured in a single place.

Single point of acces to commercial real estate
finance for sponsors and lenders

Implement all commercial real estate financing disciplines quickly, accurately and securely

Find the ideal lender or borrower for real estate financing in the shortest time

All the benefits of digitizing your workflow in one platform

Scalable to the desired degree of your funding needs. Individual and future-proof

My time. My money.

For borrowers and lenders, time is money.
corefihub saves both.

As an innovative platform solution, corefihub puts you and your team in the position of handling
your commercial real estate financing business quickly, accurately and securely.

Next digital step.

How it works.

Who invented it?

Digital necessity. As everyone knows, necessity is the mother of invention – and the inventor makes it a virtue. And two inventors with financial and real estate backgrounds: turn virtue into a product – corefihub. If you think what we’re doing is exciting or are curious about our answers to your questions, feel free to ...

Oliver Klemm

Co-Founder & CMO

... knows that there is a person behind every click. In order to turn complex solutions into simple results for his customers, he mentally rolls up his communication sleeves. Start-up style: Hands-on digitisation!

Last stop before the start-up:
Project Manager “Digital Innovations” at LBBW (Landesbank Baden-Württemberg)

Daniel Rodriguez

Co-Founder & CEO

... thinks things through from beginning to end. And in the end, he translates innovative real estate ideas into digital business models. New technologies? Are promising, especially when used thoughtfully. Start-up style: Step-by-digital-step.

Last stop before the start-up:
Assistant to the Global Head of Real Estate (board member) at LBBW (Landesbank Baden-Württemberg)