Productively in your home office: With corefihub you process financing requests online with your banks.

Faster financing. Better planning reliability.

Our software supports real estate companies, investors and project developers to conclude their financing transactions faster, easier and cheaper.

Optimize your financing process with corefihub.

As a web-based software solution you can use corefihub immediately. Just try it out with your next financing.


Create a digital twin

Easily create a first digital version of your financing request. Information and documents are automatically compiled and enriched with relevant market data.


Invite banks easily

Send your financing enquiry to your known contact person with just a few clicks. After your invitation, they can easily process the financing.


Simply achieve more in your team

Collaborate, communicate, exchange information and documents more efficiently for faster feedback and better decisions.


Always keep an eye on everything

Completed financing transactions are automatically transferred to Loans Management. Corefihub helps you manage and monitor your loan portfolio.

Time is money. corefihub saves both.

Start today and increase your productivity.

Der beste Ort für gewerbliche Immobilienfinanzierungen: Hier finden Sie die erfolgversprechendsten Finanzierungsexperten für Ihr Immobilienvorhaben.